Seasoning Figs
Seasoning Figs

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Cotto di fichi 700gr
Seasoning Figs

The baked figs of Donna Francesca are a surprise: able to accompany very different types of dishes and recipes, but also very pleasant to the palate with raw foods, fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables.

Crafted traditionally with 100% Italian figs.

Available in 150gr, 290gr and 700gr.

Technical Information

CULTIVAR: Various cultivar

INGREDIENTS: 100% Italian ?gs without any preservatives, thickening and colouring additives; the product is naturally sweet and it does not contain any added sugar

PROVENIENCE: Province of Bari, Apulia, Italy

ALTITUDE OF FIGS TREE GROVES: 200 to 380 metres above the level of the sea, at the border between pre-Murgia and High Murgia

HARVEST: From June to August

HARVESTING TECHNIQUES: Manual, directly from the tree in wicker baskets

DRYING AND STORAGE: Solar drying; stored in stainless steel containers

SELECTION: Manual selection of the ?gs

Physical and chemical characteristics

COLOR: Deep dark brown

DENSITY: Very high

HOW TO STORE: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources.

SHELF-LIFE: 3 years

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: the Seasoning Figs is produced by slow-cooking ?gs at low heat, continuously stirring. This type of cooking allows for the evaporation of vegetation liquids and the concentration of sugars into a thick syrup.

PRESERVING METHODS: the Seasoning Figs is ?ltered and left to cool down naturally. It is subsequently stored in dark glass containers and away from heat sources to preserve intact its natural organolectic qualities. The Seasoning Figs is safe, namely it cannot be altered by microorganisms, because of its naturally high sugar content and the bain-marie pasteurization.

TASTE: the Seasoning Figs has a very sweet peculiar taste of extract. Its intense scent is reminiscent of dried prunes, honey, cocoa powder, dates, dried ?gs andraisins. It has spicy notes of cinnamon and caramel. The sweetness of ?gs cotto has a fresh counterpart ?avour which produces a harmonious balance with its delicate sapidity. The ending note is very persistent and reminiscent of dried fruit.

PAIRINGS: Excellent on salads, raw or cooked vegetables, stews, fresh water ?sh, cheese, desserts, fruit and with ice-cream. Exquisite in cocktails, the Seasoning Figs is the irreplaceable signature ingredient in traditional Christmas pastries from Apulia.



“At dawn, with that warm breeze that surrounds the face, we accompany our hands towards the broad branches and aromatic leaves. A mosaic of colors, from green to purple, fills our wicker baskets and we head to the masseria, sure that from those damp fruits we will find inside a unique nectar.”

At the border between pre-Murgia and Alta Murgia, 200 meters above sea level, we collect from August to September the figs directly from the tree with wicker baskets. Dried in the sun, figs are cooked slowly and continuously mixed. It is thus with patience and wisdom in the preparation times, that our seasoning figs is born. Dense, dark brown, it is a delicious delicacy in the kitchen.

Its characteristic flavor, sweet but well balanced by the freshness and delicate flavor, and the scent of dried plum, honey, bitter cocoa, dates, dried figs and raisins and licorice make it the ideal accompaniment for crustaceans, meats Grilled and boiled fish, freshwater fish, ricotta and cheeses. Employed in pastry recipes, such as traditional Christmas desserts, but also in desserts and ice creams, is the ideal condiment for raw foods, fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables.

An inimitable ingredient in cocktail preparation, it is the heart of our Ficotta.

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