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Our History

Sometimes you can still hear her, Donna Francesca. The proud look, sure posture, divided and united by family and work, the children and the countryside. Sometimes you can still see her back when in 1986, side by side with the love of her life, Michele Dellorusso, her eyes sparkle for a crazy idea: to sow the first almond plant of Filippo Cea in Mariotto. It is here where, after three years of waiting, bloom the first flowers, big and white. A long wait. An ingenious intuition. For Donna Francesca and Micheletaking care of the almond tree becomes an irresistible passion that is transmitted to the children. To Paolo in particular.

After a few years, Paolo has decided. Enraptured by the beauty of this plant and its so savory fruits, he decides in 1989 to devote himself to the almond tree care. It’s the Dellorusso almond tree. Love for the soil flows in his veins, and Paolo, following the example of his parents,  gives to his children, Francesca and Michele, the sense of an intimate relationship with the earth. A few years pass, and almond production becomes increasingly important. Donna Francesca‘s intuition repays for all the hard work: the almond trees come to occupy a few dozen hectares.


1 April 2018

Michele Dellorusso

Apulia 1986. Michele Dellorusso, supported by his wife Francesca, plants the first almond plant Filippo Cea in Mariotto.

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1 May 2018

Paolo Dellorusso

The care of the almond passes down to his son Paolo. The almond comes to occupy about tens acres.

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1 August 2018

Francesca Dellorusso

Francesca Dellorusso creates the brand “Donna Francesca_Italian Flavours”, dedicating it to her grandmother, family lighthouse and ongoing source of inspiration.

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20 November 2018

Made in Italy

From Mariotto to the rest of the world. In 2013 the first sale abroad, in Belgium.

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donna francesca la famiglia

Who we are today

We are at the third generation. To step on those fields, to caress almond blossoms, to keep the rough shells in her hands, now is Francesca. Still another Donna. By treasuring her grandmother’s teachings, Francesca starts her career: in 2011 she founds a new Donna Francesca_Italian Flavours company. Donna Francesca_Italian Flavours cultivates and transforms its 100% Italian products by looking to the past and walking towards the future while preserving craftsmanship and enhancing the female presence in its staff because “it is in the hands of the women of Apulia that lies a small revolution.”

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