Seasoning figs 700gr


The baked figs of Donna Francesca are a surprise: able to accompany very different types of dishes and recipes, but also very pleasant to the palate with raw foods, fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables.

Crafted traditionally with 100% Italian figs.

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Valore energetico

578 kcal / 2418 kJ


21,26 gr


19,74 gr


50,64 gr

E una presenza significativa di VITAMINA E, in forma di tocoferolo (443 μg/g p.s.) – una porzione di 30 gr di mandorle ne contiene 7,76 mg, ovvero quasi l’80% della RDA, Recommended Daily Allowance;

MINERALI quali calcio, magnesio, potassio, fosforo, selenio, zinco;

e ancora vitamina B e C, carotene, fibre, fenoli, steroli.




100% Italian figs without any preservatives, thickening and colouring additives; the product is naturally sweet and it does not contain any added


Province of Bari, Apulia, Italy

Altitude of figs tree groves

200/380 metri sul livello del mare, al confine tra pre-Murgia e Alta Murgia


From June to August

Harvesting technique

Manual, directly from the tree in wicker baskets

Drying and storage

Solar drying; stored in stainless steel containers


Deep dark brown


Very high

How to store

Keep dry and cool at temperatures between + 6 °C and + 14 °C. Keep away from direct sunlight and from heat sources


3 years


150gr — 290gr — 700gr

Production techniques

Figs cotto is produced slow-cooking figs at low heat, continuously stirring. This type of cooking allows for the evaporation of vegetation liquids and the concentration of sugars into a thick syrup.

Preserving methods

Figs cotto is filteredand left to cool down naturally. It is subsequently stored in dark glass containers and away from heat sources to preserve intact its natural organolectic qualities. Figs cotto is safe, namely it cannotbe altered by microorganisms, because of its naturally high sugar content and the bain-marie pasteurization.


Very sweet peculiar taste of extract. Its intensescent is reminiscent of dried prunes, honey, cocoa powder, dates, dried figs andraisins. It has spicy notes of cinnamon and caramel. The sweetness of figs cottohas a fresh counterpart flavour which produces a harmonious balance with its delicate sapidity. The ending note is very persistent andreminiscent of dried fruit.


Excellent on salads, raw or cooked vegetables, stews, fresh water fish, cheese, desserts, fruit and with ice-cream. Exquisite in cocktails, figs cotto is the irreplacea ble signature ingredient in traditional Christmas pastries from Apulia.


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