Seasoning Cherries
Seasoning Cherries

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cotto di ciliegie donna francesca
Seasoning Cherries

Donna Francesca Seasoning Cherries is the silhouette of an unexpected, totally new taste. Its particular taste, sweet and elegant on the palate, makes it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen as well as in pastry. Artisan product from 100% Italian cherries.
It contains no sugar and is free of any preservative.
Available in 150gr format.

Technical Information

Cultivar: Ferrovia, Bigarreau, Giorgia, Lapins

Ingredients: 100% italian cherries without any preservatives, thickeners and colouring additives. the product is naturally sweet and it does not contain any added sugar.

Province: Provincie of Bari, Apulia, Italy.

Harvest: May – June

Harvesting Techniques: manual, directly from the tree

Storage: stored in stainless steel containers

Selection: manual selection of the cherries


Physical-chemical characteristics

Colour: brown and violet color with ruby-red reflections

Densità: mean

How to store: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources.

Shelf.Life: 3 years

Production Techniques: The “Seasoning cherries” is produced by slow cooking fresh cherries on a low heat with continuous stirring. The pressing of the fruit is soft. The slow cooking allows the evaporation of vegetable liquids and the concentration of sugars.

Preserving Methods: The “Seasoning cherries” is filtered and then cooled naturally. To keep its natural organoleptic characteristics intact, it is stored in dark glass containers at a controlled temperature and away from heat sources. Baked cherries is a biologically stable product, thanks to its high concentration of natural sugars.

Pairings: Excellent on salads, raw vegetables, cold cuts, game, pork, foie grass, salmon, octopus, ricotta, fresh cheeses. Unique taste on yogurt and ice cream, to create cool and refreshing drinks. Ideal for preparing original cocktails. Its use in pastry is versatile.

Taste: The “Seasoning cherries” is immediately intense to the taste with hints of fresh fruit, such as plum, apricot and black cherry. The ending note is sweet with pronounced acid perception. It offers on the nose aromas of dried plum, honey, bitter cocoa, red fruit and coffee notes. Overall pleasant and elegant on the palate.



“The scent of spring warns us, that euphoria made of flowers that have just blossomed and the sun that from being lukewarm becomes more explosive. It is May that shakes hands with June to make our cherries so meaty, juicy and sweet, hanging from the trees and waiting for our hands.”

In the fields of our farm in Mariotto, in Puglia, different varieties of cherry trees grow like the famous Ferrovia, the Bigarreau, the Giorgia, the Lapins. All the trees are taken care of directly by our company, including the harvest that takes place by hand, picking the fruit directly from the tree. Carefully selected, fresh cherries are cooked over low heat with continuous mixing. As for the cooked figs, a reduction of the fruits is obtained which hides an incredible, delicious taste, that can be declined in the kitchen in many different ways. The perfect balance between acidulous and sweet notes makes it the ideal ingredient for dressing salads and raw vegetables, accompanying cold cuts, game, pork, foie grass, ricotta and fresh cheeses. Ideal for enhancing the aromas of fish such as salmon and octopus. Irreplaceable on white yogurt and ice cream, it is also a precious resource for creating cool and refreshing drinks. Perfect for preparing original cocktails. Its use in pastry is versatile.

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